God, Man, And The Universe

The word holistic is being used today by many in the health field. There is much controversy over whether it should be spelled with an h as in holistic or with a wh as in wholistic. There is confusion as to whether holism embodies the body, mind, and spirit, and to whether it is reasonable also to include emotion. It would appear at times that our Western separatist view of life and the world allows us to be great dissectors but interferes with our abilities to conceive of synthesizing and unifying concepts of health, man's nature, and our relationship with the rest of the world. We tend to emphasize the differences among people - a tendency which fosters a drawing apart and isolationism - rather than emphasizing the similarities which tend to bring individuals closer together working toward common goals for mankind. There are those who believe that the holistic approach to health is something new and exciting; others view it as a revival of something very old to man's culture. This book explores the laws which govern optimum physical, mental, and spiritual health and those that govern the realms of consciousness and reality. Scientists are accumulating much data to substantiate the theory of relativity. As one heavenly body exerts its influence upon another, how do the laws which govern the Universe influence man, the highest form of incarnate being on planet Earth? How does man influence other creatures, environmental situations, planet Earth, and other heavenly bodies? What is our responsibility to establish order within ourselves, and maintain the Order of the Universe? We would like to consider ourselves free. But, are we really free? We will probe for the answer to this question as we explore the relationship of God, Man and the Universe -- An Holistic Perspective.
God, Man, And The Universe
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